Neal A. Growney & Assoc. LLC can provide engineering assistance for industrial, construction, commercial and work place accidents including:


Industrial - press brakes, shears, power presses, roll formers, forge hammers and presses, feed reels, cradles, forklifts, tooling, dies, fixtures, ovens, dryers, furnaces, gas generators, lead pots, induction and resistance heaters, grinders, drills, tappers, saws, lathes, milling machines, boring mills, planers, shapers, buffers, tumbling barrels, vibratory finishers, shot blasters, wheelabrators, parts washers, de-greasers, sludge separators, plating machines, rectifiers, silos, gates, chutes, conveyors, bucket elevators, shaker screens, fans, blowers, dust collectors, bag houses, bin vents, scrubbers, precipitators, sprockets, chain drives, V-belt drives, slings, chains, wire ropes, valves, mixers, controllers, feeders, packers, sealers, palletizers, scales, shrink wrappers, envelope machines, compressors, pumps, gearmotors, mills, Banbury mixers , extruders, calendars, molders, take-ups, printing presses, ironers, racks, platforms, railings, strut, metal framing systems, pipe hangers, cable trays, concrete inserts, welders, torches, hand and power tools, pressurized containers, moulders, CNC routers, CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.

Construction - forklifts, loaders, back hoes, scrapers, hoists, ladder-lifts, work platforms, boom trucks, conveyors, compressors, pumps, welders, oxyacetylene torches, generators, ladders, scaffolds, concrete cut-off saws, concrete buggies, loaders, geotechnical drills, hand tools; electric, pneumatic and gasoline power tools. Lawn, Forest & Agriculture-mowers, log splitters, stump grinders, onion topping.


Metalworking - stamping, shearing, slitting, cutting, sawing, bending, forming, riveting, grinding, milling, drilling, tapping, roll-forming, forging, heat treating, soldering, welding, assembling, degreasing, polishing, buffing, tumbling, finishing, plating, painting.

Woodworking - sawing, molding, planing, shaping.

Plastics & Rubber - mixing, extruding, calendaring, injecting, molding.

Paper & Printing - slitting, laminating, napkin folding, turret feeding, pressing, vertical post ink-mixing, three roll ink-mixing.

Food - mixing, grinding, feeding, sheeting, dispensing.

Sand, Gravel, Cement - loading, drying, mixing, filling, bagging, conveying, palletizing.

Laundry - washing, ironing.


Machine Guarding - point-of-operation, pinch points, in-running nips, barrier guards, safety devices, sweep guards, flap guards, automatic gates, light curtains, pull cables, barrier safety cradle, trip rod, trip cable, knee operated, belly-bar, Sawstop.

Controls: two hand trip, foot switches, fail-safe, interlocks, trapped key, component failures.

Warnings - Signs, On-products, Manuals, Instructions.

Material Handling:

Fork Lifts - dock plates, pallet jacks, carts, hand trucks, hoists, monorails, storage racks, lifts, jacks, conveyors, buggies, garbage trucks, salt spreaders, truck loading and unloading. Raw materials, in-process, finished goods, shipping, receiving.


Industrial and commercial - construction, maintenance, repairs, alterations, inspections, code conformance, egress, doors, windows, gates. HVAC, gas, electric, oil, water, plumbing, hot water, scalds


Chairs - tables, kitchen ranges.


Standards - methods, training, practices.


Specifications, selection, testing, analysis, documentation.

Fire Protection:

Systems - wet and dry sprinklers, CO2, dry powder, Halon, SCBA, valves, doors, alarms.


Training - warnings, inspections; personal protective equipment; Lockout-Tagout (LOTO); Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); Hazardous Materials Communications (HAZCOM); accident reports,sound levels, hearing conservation.

Codes, Standards, Regulations:

OSHA, ANSI, ASTM, NFPA, MSHA, BOCA, DOT drivers' logs.

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